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Wild Flowers at Mt. Piagayungan

I visited this place and witness the beauty of the forest. These are the wild flowers at Mt. Piagayungan in Lanao del Sur.

Gazania Flower

Gazania Flower

Gazania is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, native to Southern Africa. They produce large, daisy-like composite flowers in brilliant shades of yellow and orange, over a long period in summer. They are often planted as drought-tolerant groundcover. Gazania species are grown for the brilliant colour of their flowerheads which appear in the late spring and are often in bloom throughout the summer into autumn. They prefer a sunny position and are tolerant of dryness and poor soils.

Gazania flowers are bright daisy-like blooms with deep russet center flecks dance just above compact mounds of glossy green leaves with silvery undersides. This tough, durable perennial is drought tolerant when established and makes an easy-to-grow ground or slope cover.

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