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White Rose

White Rose Flower

The White Rose has a special significance. These blossoms are no doubt the ultimate floral symbol of innocence, and they carry with them a certain serenity and peace that is bound to be felt by anyone who beholds them. The subtle beauty of a white rose is what makes it so versatile and perfect for a variety of occasions, too. There is more to these blossoms than meets the eye, though – they are just as complex as they are enchanting.

For centuries, white roses have held a strong importance in many cultures. According to Flower Experts, the white rose was associated with the Goddess of Love and Beauty in Roman times. The myth said that all roses were white until Aphrodite pricked herself with the thorns and turned them all red. Later, in the Victorian era, suitors sent bouquets of white roses to those they intended on pursuing to signify the beginning of a courtship.

Today, you're likely to see brides carrying white roses down the aisle. This began at Queen Victoria's wedding in 1840, at which white roses were plentiful. This launched a tradition that was passed down through the years.

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